Our Mission

We strive to provide the most comfortable and personal postoperative experience you can have.  With our services you will stay in one of our facilities and have a trained professional at your services.  These professionals will cook, provide medication, assist you with walking. They will also provide transportation to and from doctors appointments and visits.


Some Of What We Do

  • Drive you from surgery location to your home/other location, drive you to post-op doctor appointments
  • Prepare meals and drinks, feed patient
  • Provide companionship and emotional support
  • Messages available upon request (these come at an extra charge). 
  • Ice your swollen areas with cold packs around the clock as prescribed by your doctor
  • Assist with walking
  • Give medication reminders and any other type of personal reminders
  • Provide dressing assistance

You may not need all these services and that will be determined during the consultation. Please know that we are not housekeepers and only provide such services as needed, i.e. changing sheets or pillowcases if blood gets on them. Grocery shopping for items needed for recovery.